Create business applications online
quickly and easily

Without writing code!


Novabricks: the customizable solution that offers both speed and simplicity

Our self-guided technology frees you from technical limitations.

Build your very own customized applications using an easy-to-follow, illustrated process.

No coding necessary. Simply assemble the functional “bricks” to build your personalized business tools.

Create your business application in four stages:

Many possible uses

Reduce the need for Excel

Computerize your business processes

Round out your IT system

Enable mobile data capture

An application for every job type


Leave, Annual Reviews, Talent, etc.


Price Quotes, Invoices, Dashboards, etc.


Sourcing, Budget Monitoring, Vehicle Fleets, etc.


Project Management, Outsourcing, Infrastructure, etc.


Task Management, Time Entry, Bid Process Tracking, etc.

Technical Services

Schedules, Quality Monitoring, Customer Service, Activity Reports, etc.

A direct impact on your business

Reduce costs

(Cut development costs by up to 40%)

Increase productivity

(Boost daily efficiency with adapted applications)

Minimize your time-to-market

(Shorten development time by up to 60%)

Become more Agile

(Facilitate IS evolution within your changing business)

Free yourself from constraints

(Optimize your time by limiting interactions with technical partners)


(Bring innovation and agile tools to the forefront of your company)

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