NOVABRICKS is a web platform that allows any actor ' s business create and \ execute business applications tailored to his needs.

Our innovative solution is unique.

It ' s never been easier and faster to create IT solutions tailored Your goal is to:

Your goal is to:

Collect and share your data

by removing manual processes

Fill quickly your SI

with IT solutions that ' s suit your needs flexibly

Centralize and secure your data

stored in multiple applications or Excel files

Staying connected to your data

anywhere regardless of the carrier

And you think:

Your IT solutions packaged

- too complex to change
- too rigid to ' s suit your needs
- unsuitable for functional expectations low ROI

bespoke developments

- binding because they require a thorough analysis of needs and specific written
- complicated as they bring numerous technical profiles
- long to implement
- difficult to maintain and evolve


The only PaaS solution that makes custom application development equally
simple, rapid, scalable, integrative and mobile.


Without programming, creating \ application requires no technical knowledge
construction is done graphically by assembling functional blocks


The construction time is reduced ' s 60%. No deployment, applications are immediately available online.


The features can be added to suit your needs and your schedule without interrupting ' s use of your applications.
There 't there . Version migration complex process


Your applications are integrated with the rest of your IT through web services or through customized interfaces.


L ' access to manufacturer and application is possible from any location connected to the Internet from any media (PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone).

How the platform?

Connect to the platform and create your stages applications

  • Build your repository
  • Create your screens with visual bricks
  • Add your treatment workflows, calculations, conditions, scheduled tasks ...
  • Manage rights \ access and share applications

Your applications are immediately available to users.

Change and make the change at will!

Applications built on the platform are NOVABRICKS:

100% customizable

100% scalable

Access via Internet


Subscription for your use

Secure and saved

interfaced with your SI

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