The idea

NOVABRICKS was conceived when Christophe Batilliot and Olivier Barré united.

Their philosophy?

The eclecticism! The first evolved in different trades and services company with a software company. The second security specialist, is passionate about ICT and connected objects.
Both are driven by the desire to undertake.

Their finding?

Whether rocking our world into a new era: the digital, cloud and Big Data disrupt our way of life. The company must be at the heart of this movement of innovations will become agile, collaborative and digital or will not.

Their conviction?

Faced with this challenge, companies must develop tailored software solutions, quick to implement and scalable.

Their ambition?

To facilitate and accelerate the construction of business applications to bring agility to enterprises.

Their idea?

Create a web platform for building without bespoke business applications and scalable code.

From ' s idea to reality

After 2 years of R & amp; D, NOVABRICKS platform and the eponymous company are created.

Partners & Awards

LMI Réseau Entreprendre BPI INPI Association Mangement de l'Innovation French Tech Deloitte Challenge Top Manager