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The SME Key Accounts, whatever your industry ' s activity, NOVABRICKS platform is the solution to all your needs 'business applications

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" When it comes to IT tools, NOVABRICKS is a simple solution that can meet your needs with limited feedback, all while reinforcing a reactive image. "
Yoann Tmim, DSI Sergeant Major
quality tracking application

Process quality from the sample before manufacturing to shelving

Excel Replacement

collaborative tool with workflows for Design Office, the services Purchasing, Quality and Production

Complete traceability of products

" A big thanks to the NOVABRICKS team for listening, being available, and providing a speedy response. Thanks to this solution, I've been able to meet all internal requests within the desired time frame. "
A.C. Deltour, Project Manager, DSI Laboratories Anios
Tool dedicated ' s creation of feasibility study of new products

Workflows collaborative tool with several scenarios for validation

Centralization of requests

Application interfaced with ERP

Method Agile

Reported benefits: 4x faster process

" No matter what my particular need might be, I can build the right app for it all on my own. "
B. MILLAMON, Manager IT studies, DSI Humanis
Project Management Application of the IT Department

Following the merger of three entities, 1st joint IT solution

Methodology CMMI

90 users

12 000 days man followed a year

200 Application of tables created in 30 iterations